The different forms of WP Profiles can be combined with each other and in a system

WP PROFILE – this is the imported brand concept for unlimited design scope and variety of possible uses in the metal and steel processing.


The longitudinally welded steel profi les are characterized by particular dimensional accuracy, ultimate form stability, smooth surfaces and high strength values. WP PROFILES are processed particularly economically because of their quality characteristics, used in nearly all areas of the industry and the craft and directly available through the steel trade.


L, T and Z profile shapes can be combined with each other as a system. The large choice in sizes for box dimensions ranges from 34 to 40, 50 and 60 up to 80 mm.

Technical characteristics

WP PROFILES are longitudinal welded velocity steel pipes in bare version. Individual dimensions are also made of stainless steel. Special versions are available on request.

The designation

The profile number, the dimensions of the profile associated with. The designation is systematic and describes the form and the dimensions comprehensive. For example, the profile number WP 3435/15 L was chosen:

34 =  34 mm installation depth
35 =  35 mm box-wide
15 =  15 mm length of stroke
L =  for the basic form, L-form